sindi silva

Sindi was born in South African brought up in Johannesburg and she is a vibey and loving young lady studied her 2nd year of Drama Oakfield College Johannesburg. In the year 2013 she did a few theatre shows such as: Jane doe, Inlove with Shakespeare and Circus comes to town. Sindi modeled for a Fashion Show at Oakfield College and was scouted by the sponsor of the day, Watkins Valuer - a beauty product and was crowned “Miss Watkins Valuer 2013”. She attended a music course studying Theory in Music with Phoenix Music Academy. While attending the music course, she also attended part time voice training with “I want to be famous” and performed at Victory Theatre and was awarded a Certificate of performance. Sipho Sithole who’s known in the music industry was one of the Judges and granted her the most sellable individual and full of enthusiasm. In 2013, Sindi was part of a competition on SABC1 called “ I Can Do” conducted by Arthur Mafukate a singing competition and was chosen to be in the top 25 among the regions in South Africa which was televised on SABC1. As a teenager, she loved modeling and was scouted at a Mall by SA Modeling and attended few photo shoots of various poses. In 2014 she was an featured extras in a Stimrol ad. In 2015 she was a featured model on Soft n free. When Sindi was 13years, she was Miss Little Kensington at a competition held at Rhodes Park. She is a loving, caring, outgoing person never too shy to let loose. She’s a dedicated individual and is always striving for excellence. Sindi takes the criticism in life as a strength that helps her be the best version of herself.



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