portia seisa

As energetic, talented graduate of the University of Pretoria, Drama Department, Portia Seisa has performed in numerous plays in her studying life at Tuks. One of those that stands out is a character where she played an old lady (Mamrubi) who has fallen on hard time and found herself etching out a living on the streets of Johannesburg, Portia did a stunning job with the character and received numerous standing ovations and that propelled her to receive the highest marks in her third year group (2011). During her studies she directed an HIV/AIDS show for her Theatre Studies which was amongst those selected to be performed around Pretoria Townships and prisons. Her movement piece called Pula (rain in Sesotho) for Movement Studies was rated as one of the best in the Department of Drama for Choreographed piece. The piece was selected to be performed in the rural areas of the North West Province to teach people about rain and find out what they understand about the significance of rain (the performance in North West was cancelled due to time constraints). Due to her versatility she has played roles where she was a priest’s wife, a fairy, a backup singer and dancer, a bereaved wife and an alcoholic. Portia has just graduated and is new on the scene but due to her eagerness to learn, a lot can be expected from her.

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