miché de beer

Miché started her career at a young age participating in various productions during her school years. This included debate for which she received various Prizes. It was her love and passion for the performing arts that encouraged her to enrol for a BA Drama degree at the University of Pretoria, where she completed her degree in 2007. During her studies she was not only educated but she also gained experience in all fields of the performing arts. She performed in a total of 17 productions varying from dance, expressive movement, musical theatre, drama and comedy. She also worked on 3 productions as stage manager, 3 productions as make-up artist and 1 production as head of wardrobe. After her studies she also performed at the GODDA festival in an expressive movement production. She has also directed, choreographed and written a small collection of plays and dances during her studies. Miché worked in various other fields since her studies from admin to finance, and she now holds a senior management position in at a leading tourism company. She has also recently played various small roles in advertisements and television series.

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