megan maddocks

Having come from a dance background, and since having studied Musical Theatre at TUT (Cum Laude), Megan has found that her passion lies in television and film. She made her debut into the television industry with a Colgate commercial in 2011. Working with Richard Dean Anderson (portraying MacGyver's daughter), in an international advertising campaign for Mercedes Benz, has been one of the highlights of her career so far. Megan also has a keen interest in directing and production. Megan has just completed her second B.Tech degree in Podiatric Medicine (Cum Laude) at the University of Johannesburg. Her goal is to merge these two very different worlds in some form of research that will ultimately benefit the performer or dancer. Megan is always excited and eager to learn about new and interesting things and never shies away from new challenges. She has an effervescent personality and prides herself in her determination as well as her organisational and time management skills.


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