masego sehoole

Masego is a born entertainer, singer dancer, actor and motivational speaker raised in the dusty streets of Hammanskraal. Masego was first cast as Jane McEarthy in 6th grade Erasmia primary School production, "The Joyland". During her school career, she was actively involved in a township troupe called Temba Kids Club in Hammanskraal. In 2004, she undertook her first professional dance training lessons with Monnyth Dance house at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria. She then studied at the University of Technology (2009-2011) and completed her National Diploma in Musical Theatre.Masego appeared in the Soapie 7de Laan as Pulane; A feisty boutique assistant from Rustenburg (2012 - 2016). During her varsity years, she played the roles of Marcy Parks and Olive Ostrovsky in 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee (2009) and Ensemble in "Parade" in the same year. Although her first love lies in the entertainment industry, she considers it important to be versatile through studying in other career fields. Masego is a Tifocus Fitness Academy graduate in Exercise Science, a championship Latin American dancing sensation and a nutrition/aerobics fitness trainer. She is also founder and managing director of Fusion lifestyle and co-founder of Career Active, a training and consulting company.When she’s not in front of the camera, Masego enjoys researching blended education, fitness and nutrition concepts and believes in empowering underprivileged youth through workshops that address healthy living and eating habits

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