maéke davids

Maéke is dedicated and passion driven young lady. She’s hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, eager to learn, patient, and easy to get along with. She adapts easily in an environment and she’s not afraid of challenges. Maéke obtained her degree in Drama in 2014, where she specialised in Media and Applied Theatre. She obtained her Hons Degree in 2015, in Video Production, as she had various Theatre, Film and Production experience throughout the years. She performed in a physical theatre production, “Swyg” (2014), and also portrayed various roles for Children’s Productions, such as an evil creature in “Die Klein Meermin” (2014), and Tjaff in Tjiff en Tjaff. Directed and performed in #RESPECTME Theatre Production, feut on KofifiTV. Maéke has been on various film sets, where she did “extra” roles, all part of the experience. She portrayed the role of a party girl in Norbert Fero’s trailer “Ten Percent” (2013). She does Storytelling on Kofifi Kinderstories, feut TV Programme on KykNet. Maéke is also a News Reader on KofifiFM 97.2. She created a Short Film in 2015, Favourite Hello and Hardest Goodbye during her Hons Final Year at university. Maéke is quite versatile when it comes to the Media Industry as she likes to act, sing, dance, direct and produce. She also believes that it’s important to know what goes on in front of the camera as well as behind it.

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