leandra booysens

She was marked at a young age as a performing artist. It started with her grade three teacher selecting her to be part of a group of young singers who would tour Israel and record an Afrikaans Gospel CD —Klankekelante. She was the youngest in the group but her ability to adapt to any environment and innate vibrancy spoke of a maturity that would become her signature. Leandra’s passion for the performing arts intensified throughout her school career. When she was in grade five, she was approached by another of her teachers to act in a children’s educational short-film for the Phonics brand, alongside South African Kwaito star, Zola 7 and other young actors. She took up Drama and Choir as an extra mural activity in high school. After high school, she did a BA Humanities degree, majoring in Linguistics (2010-2013). However, due to financial constraints, she could not complete her last two modules in her final year and had to seek employment to support her family. She was a freelance editor and creative writer since 2013, until she was permanently employed as Senior Editor of a South African publisher in 2015. In 2018, she completed a 5-month actor’s course at Indigo View. Leandra has also written and acted in several of her own stage productions. Moreover, she is often approached by corporate companies to either write or act or do voice overs for corporate projects. One example was a project that she did for Liberty in 2017. She wrote and acted in a corporate production for one of the development teams at Liberty. Leandra is undoubtedly affable, sagacious, hard-working and a genuine polymath. She believes that there is always opportunity; one just needs to have the wisdom to recognize it, the motivation to seize it and the discipline to hone it into success.

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