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She’s infamously known as “Jenny, The Jeneral” on the dirty streets of social media and radio. This Pretoria-born dame has ached to make a difference using broadcast media, as her purposed platform, since she could articulate it. She recalls the day she found the idol she would mould her life around fondly, when her grade 3 teacher played a recorded video cassette of an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show about self defence and child safety in ’98. Jenny never shied away from the spotlight and was scarcely shy, having always played lead roles in school and church productions from when she could really sing and read. She’s always excelled at cultural activities during her school career, competing at national levels for public speaking and debating, but was quite the all-rounder. Born to medical practitioners who did not quite believe in media, she set out to find ways she could study towards her passions after dropping out of a BSc in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Pretoria. She did short courses towards radio and TV presenting at On-Cue Communications and studied TV and Film Production at Open Window School of Visual Communications. Jenny then began the hustle, with many doors refusing to open until she landed a spot as one of the YFM Academics (interns). After her six month tenure as an intern, she was the only intern retained at YFM in the News Department. Her route had changed but she was still on course. She’s gone on to be a TV News Anchor at the controversial ANN7 and has managed and co-presented on a corporate radio station for the bespoke SA brand, Nando’s. Her first love is acting and presenting, but her greater vision is to change the world as she knows it through talk radio and TV. She also dreams of singing on big stages one day. Having worked behind the scenes during her studies, she will one day appear in the credits as an executive producer and writer who tells African stories to the world. The witty and ambitious girl always envied the YOTV kids in her time, but with little support from a single parent of four, never became the child star she tried to be. She never lets up though, and has managed to crack a few doors open. She takes on SA’s media industry and the world, grateful for how far she has come and in anticipation of attracting everything the universe has in store for her.

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