jana van der walt

Jana Van der Walt is a caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes. She is passionate about what she does as an artist and always tries to give her best in what she does. She has a dream to go big with her talent for performance and works hard every day to achieve that dream as her motto is “always give a 100% because nothing less is good enough”. Born in Kempton park and starting drama in eisteddfod at the age of 3, she has completed high school and also finished her course in Play House masters in the craft of acting to level 7. They learned techniques like Stanford Meisner, Uta Hagen and even the Stanislavski methods. She has also completed her 2 year course at Oakfields College for dramatic arts. She always enjoys furthering her skills and being able to learn more and broaden her horizons; which is exactly what she did when she lived abroad for a year. While she was living in the United States she went and did a basic writing class, as well as a movie and tv script writing course. It is all about being creative and bringing something else to the world that could be of brilliance.

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