danielle steynvaardt

Danielle Steynvaardt was born in Krugersdorp on the 20th October 1990, and wanted to be a performer from the word go, there were no other option but to succeed. She started with vocal training at the very young age of 11. Entering every possible competition, and using every opportunity for further growth. At the age of 16 she finished her modeling certificate, and started taking the industry by storm. After reaching her personal goals in both the singing and modeling world she decided that her true passion is acting, she wanted to give her whole life to that one moment, that one line, that laugh, that gesture or that interpretation that will stir the audience’s soul. Danielle finished her degree in Drama at the University of Pretoria in 2011, where she learned various acting techniques, received incredible voice training from Mauri Mostert for a full year, and participated in movement studies which included stage-combat, dance, and mime. In her second year she wrote and directed ‘Elke huis het sy Kruis’ with her focus on abused woman and children, Danielle wanted to give them hope. Acting to Danielle is a way of conveying a message, not just telling a story but making a difference. Danielle’s 2nd year was a big year for her, establishing herself in theatre and creating her own clothing line ‘TwoToo’s. In her 3rd year she wrote and directed ‘Malicious-the Musical’ with a cast of 13 spectacular performers. Since receiving her degree she was casted as Jena in Muvhango on SABC 2. She started her own academy (Ta-Da! Theatre Arts & Drama Academy) giving others the opportunity to follow their dreams, after which she landed the role of Jessie on the well known afrikaans soap Binneland.

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