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From the age of Five Danalia Cady Borman (29) has seen herself on camera. Loving show tunes and dancing, her parents sent her to a dance school from that point on her life has been dedicated to the arts. The mastery of it, the teaching and the sharing of it. Worried about stability Danalia decided to take her chances at her other passions first, Make – up and Art. She completed a course in Art Direction at City Varsity and acquired a Certificate in Motion Picture Make – up and Special effects. After taking a gap year in the culinary industry joining The Workaway International programme. Danalia worked as a waitress in Florida, Boca Raton where she travelled to places like New York, Miami, Orlando, Washington DC, Rhode Island, The Keys (Key West) and her personal favourite the Bahamas. It was then she decided she was ready to pursue a career in Entertainment. The next step was a natural progression a BA Drama Degree attained at the University of Pretoria. Where Movement, Voice, Physical theatre and Musical Theatre were big components. Signed with Talent etc. whilst in Gauteng Danalia took part in ROOIKAPPIE, a M.A.D Production directed by Michelle Aiden and Tender Moments (pilot) : Endemol Productions, DIR: Pumla Hopa. Danalia returned to her home town where she was well received. Finding her way back to Cape Town her training did not end there. In between auditions and castings Danalia remains on the creative path, part-time teaching Creative Arts (Dance and Drama) at the Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT) in Khayelitsha. Currently a Latin and Ballroom Instructor at Dance Domain Blaauwberg, where she continues to train in the hopes to compete professionally one day. Hobbies and interests include playing Guitar, movie fanatic, music and fine art enthusiast, arts and crafts, sketching, food, sewing, yoga, swimming, hikes, nature, Instagram and family time. Since moving to Cape Town Danalia’s career picked up. Having a consistent appearance in Spectrum Kinder Teater’s: Tjiff and Tjaff, a Kyknet roadshow, as Mimmie, which also featured in Kidz Skouspeel 2014 and 2015 at Tygervalley Centre. Playing Thandi and Mac Monkey for Arepp: Theatre for Life’s, No Monkey Business: Healthy, Happy and Hip (2013) and Spick and Span (2014 and 2015). Also starred in Hdi Youth Marketers Saica (2014) and Claire’s (2015) Roadshows. Undergoing and overcoming many hardships and adversities Danalia Cady Borman has decided to live life to the fullest grabbing her dreams with both hands. A twinkle in the eye, bubbly nature and unique sense of humour keeps people smiling for days. Her energy cannot be tamed, a ball of light keeping an audience captivated and leaves fans wanting more. A burst of fresh air, an interesting triple threat, Danalia Cady Borman is definitely one to watch.

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