albertina ngobeni

Albertina Ngobeni is a young extrovert, with a passion for social events, media and glitz and glamour. She was born and raised in Centurion, Pretoria. Being the only child and raised by a single parent she was very determined to become a successful woman. Albertina participated in sports from a young age and had developed a love for athletics while attending school. Ever since her days as scholar at Afrikaans Hoër Meisies, however, presenting and TV personalities truly fascinated her. As she started attending university she was exposed to arts and culture even more and before long she fell in love with the arts. As member of the student council executive committee and later also the house residence committee with arts as her portfolios she felt a sincere bond to a lifestyle in the arts.   This spontaneous young woman then joined the MK Campus presenting team for Pukke and she also presented on the Pukke TV YouTube channels. She participated in various NWU-Pukke advertisements. Being a DJ on PukFM, she got more comfortable with her voice and her abilities and skills as presenter. This motivated her to work even harder and pursuit her new living dream. In 2014, Albertina got approached by Talent – Etc and her dream had finally come true. Although she moved to Johannesburg and hasn’t got her big break yet, she still believes that her acting career will start with a bang.

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