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Stefanie Pereira is known for her dark brown hair and Hazel eyes. She is an outgoing, confident person with a passion for the arts. Her biggest dream and goal is to be a powerful, influential and successful woman within the entertainment and corporate industry, merging both industries and by doing so empowering young women to do the same. Since a very young age she has participated and enjoyed being part of many School Cultural Activities. She has also attended dance classes for many dance styles since the age of 7, including Ballroom and Latin Dancing and Hip-Hop. Her dance partner and her were S.A. Junior Latin and Ballroom Champions in 2013 and 2014. She was part of the S.A. Team that competed at the World Hip-Hop Championships in Austria in October 2011, and is privileged to be part of the S.A. Team and represented our country at the World Hip-Hop Championships in Germany. Her passion lies not only in Dance however but also in Drama and Singing. She would like to be a ‘Triple Threat’. Apart from taking part in many Eistedfod Festivals and local talent contests she has also recently obtained her Certificate in Acting level 1 to 5 at the Playhouse Acting School as well as her Associates Diploma in Performance Arts through the Trinity College of London. She is also a well known songwriter and has written and featured on songs for many DJ’s and producers both in South Africa and abroad. She has recently also appeared on 7de Laan playing the role of a nurse and was an ensemble dancer for the production of “Blame it on Bollywood” at the Teatro Monte Casino in 2015. Stefanie intends to continue studying and completing any courses to constantly improve her skills and experience in the ‘arts’ and has also recently opened up a company.


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