saskia smit

Saskia started performing at the age of 7. At her first performance she received 98% for her Afrikaans poem. Ever since she has performed at various eisteddfods receiving many awards including a total of 47 Diplomas (90%-100%); 13 A+’s (80%-89%); and 6 A’s (70%-79%).
She did her first Trinity exam in 2011 receiving 84% for her grade 4 Speech and Drama. In 2012 she participated in The South African championships of performing arts. There she won a bronze for her open piece. Saskia has performed in a few plays, including “Sing it” (directed by Gemma Donnelly). Later this year she will be acting in a play at school – “Se net Nee!”.
Saskia is fun, loving and very caring. She loves acting and is very enthusiastic. Most importantly she is very confident in everything she does.

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