lina moganedi

Lina has a bubbly personality and lights up every room with her warming smile.
 Growing up in diverse cultural backgrounds has enriched her life and given her insight and understanding of characters in various roles. It has furthermore contributed to her lovely sense of humour. One of Lina’s core beliefs is that everyone is born with unique talents. Only through continued hard work can this be groomed and enhanced. Being driven and eager to learn, she seizes every opportunity to develop and grow. Dancing, singing and fitness training are also part of her passions and everyday life. She fell in love with performance at a very young age, and her singing has won her several awards in 2010 in the South African National Championships. Acting, her great passion, is for Lina much more than just playing a character; it is understanding and relating to the struggles of the person and being a vessel for good story telling.
Lina is selfless and authentic and strongly affirms that acting is about nourishing your scene partner and allowing them to fuel you with emotions and complete existence and presence. Lina enjoys behind the scene camera work as well as improvisation in a scene. She believes that it is important to be able to channel a character and understand their underlying struggles beyond the words given to you on paper. Lina’s energy is engaging and vibrant when she explains, “Acting is a gift that you give to people who are unable to open up and express real-life experiences and challenging things that they have gone through. The actress or play becomes the channel through which people can better understand themselves and the world around them. That is why acting is such a powerful communication tool. I absolutely love it.”

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