amanda antony

This Bubbly Singer- Songwriter, Part of what makes Amanda such a diverse or rather colourful character is the fact that she moved around quite a lot as a child and made friends with pretty much every one she met. She Graduated in 2015 with a Diploma in Music Education. Amanda recalls that she started in singing at a very young age, like many musicians her singing talent was first explored at church. She started singing at family gatherings, her family noticed her passion for singing but they were not aware that one day she would choose it as a career path says Amanda. She entered South African Idols in 2015 after not making 2 times before, she tried again and didn’t make to the top 16, then when another contestant withdrew from the top 16 she was unanimously chosen by the judges to take her place and managed to make it all the way to the Top 7 making it one the best experience of her life thus far proclaims Amanda. Amanda's interests range from sports to being a car fanatic. Amanda used to play soccer in High school, and she was an Athlete throughout primary and High school. Amanda wants to pursue all areas of her artistry from writing to acting to presenting to being a radio Dj because she just loves to talk for hours. Her skills in front of the camera are amateur but budding as when she puts her mind to it she makes a success of whatever she does.

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