theatre benevolent fund

Talent-ETC proudly supports the Theatre Benevolent Fund

The TBF is a welfare and humanitarian fund (it is registered as a Public Benefit Organization – PBO no: 930 000 322) with 18a tax certification ;  that supports all individuals in all professions who have been connected to the performing arts (theatre, film, radio, tv , arts media) on a professional basis - at any stage in their lives, and in any manner whatsoever - and who now find themselves in financial difficulties due to old age or ill health, by providing care to them and their legal dependents, in the form of monthly financial grants; donations for funeral expenses; assistance with medical expenses; placement in care centres or old age homes etc. The identity of all beneficiaries are kept confidential to preserve their privacy and dignity. Currently the TBF permanently supports a large number of aged, seriously ill and destitute Arts professionals who have no-one else to care for them.
The TBF also helps on an ongoing basis with unforeseen medical costs of working Arts Pro’s and their legal dependents. These are costs not covered by medical schemes – serious cases such as: organ & bone marrow transplants, cancer treatment, hip replacements, cochlear transplants, expensive medication for chronic diseases etc. The TBF is often required to help pay for funerals. The TBF’s big dream is to create old age and care homes where members of the Arts and Entertainment Industry would be in a safe and welcoming environment.